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Regarding Privacy and Data Safety

Since we are neither experts in law, nor information technology specialists, we can make no guarantees regarding the privacy and safety of you, your personal information, or your data.


To the best of our knowledge, we will however avoid to share information related to your registration with third parties outside of our organization team, if not specified otherwise.

Additional personal and non-personal information might be collected by third party services required to run this web page, including but not limited to tracking and monitoring technologies (e.g. cookies).  The type of information that might be collected is described by our web page's development platform, Wix (see information referring to 'Users-of-Users' in Privacy Policy, especially paragraph 6, 8, 9, 14).

We will not intentionally create or upload malicious content. Regardless, including but not limited to the event of unauthorized manipulation, we will not assume responsibility for any damage resulting from your visit on this web page, the access or download of presented or hidden content and the e-mails you receive from us.


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